超薄型合金材料繞線功率電感 Ultra-Slim Alloy Type Wire-wound Power Inductor

Ultra-Slim Alloy Type Wire-wound Power Inductor

西北臺慶科技股份有限公司所研發生產合金材料封膠式電感AHPXXXX08-SERIES,透過自動化繞線技術,提供高感值、耐大電流且低直流阻抗產品,因應消費型電子產品及特殊市場需求開發產品高度0.8mm MAX,提供更有利的使用空間。

透過新材料研發技術,可應用於溫度範圍-40 度~ 125度 ,為通過各項產品可靠度要求的優質選擇。

TAI-TECH’s new released alloy type sealed power inductors through automatic winding technology, which provides high inductance, high current withstanding and low DC resistance performance. It is developed in response to consumer electronics and special market needed. The product height is 0.8mm MAX, which provides more flexible space on customer’s design.
Through new material research and development technology, it can be used in a wide temperature range of -40 degrees to 125 degrees, which is a high-quality choice that passes the reliability requirements of various applications.
  1. 合金材鐵芯,增加產品耐電流。
  2. 搭配圓線 & 扁平線設計,提供高感值及低直流阻抗特性。
  3. 產品提供多尺寸選擇。(1.2x1.0x0.8 至 4.0x4.0x0.8)
  4. 電感值規格齊全,符合各頻率應用。(0.24uH ~ 10uH)
  5. 適用於 -40 ~ 125度操作溫度範圍
  6. 符合 RoHS、 REACH 、Lead Free
Product Features:
  1. Alloy core. High current withstanding feature.
  1. Designed by round wire or flat wire, it provides high inductance and low DC resistance characteristics.
  1. The product offers multiple size options. (1.2x1.0x0.8 to 4.0x4.0x0.8)
  1. The inductance value is variable, which meets the application from each frequency. (0.24uH ~ 10uH)
  1. Operating Range: -40~+125℃(Including self - temperature rise)
    6. 100% Lead(Pb) & Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant.