薄型化大電流共模濾波器 SMD Type High Current Common Mode Filters WCM453220F2SF(V)-SERIES-HI

西北臺慶科技股份有限公司所推出的貼片式 WCM453220F2SF(V)-SERIES-HI 大電流共模濾波器產品,透過自動化繞線 & 組裝技術來取代傳統手工繞線,針對阻抗(Ω)特性提供更佳的一致性,產品尺寸高度僅2mm MAX產品,提供極佳的高頻抑制雜訊功能以及低高度 & 薄型化設計應用。


The new release of SMD type high current common mode filters- WCM453220F2SF(V)-SERIES-HI, which is a low height (2mm MAX) product, provides excellent high frequency noise suppression and well fit in low height & thin design applications. Replace traditional manual winding processes with automated winding and assembly techniques, in order to provide better consistency for impedance (Ω) characteristics.
WCM453220F2SF(V)-SERIES-HI are complied with AEC-Q200, and can be used in the operating range of -40 degrees to 125 degrees. Moreover, the design of high current is also an excellent product on power EMI.


  1. 適用於 -40 ~ 125度操作溫度範圍
  2. 符合 RoHS、 REACH 、Lead Free..等環境要求
  3. 符合車用AEC-Q200品質信賴要求
  4. 耐大電流 & 高頻率應用
Product feature:
  1. Operating Range: -40~+125℃
  2. 100% Lead(Pb) & Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant.
  3. High reliability -Reliability test complied to AEC-Q200.
  4. High current resistant & High frequency application.

Product applications:

  1. 車用鏡頭 View Camera
  2. 影音娛樂系統Infotainment
  3. 安全 & 車身系統Safty & Body,
  4. 動力系統Power train
  5. 電池管理系統BMS
  6. 逆變器Inverter
Product Specification: